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Name: Tara Markov

Alias: Terra

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Canon: DC Comics (Based on a character created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez for "The New Teen Titans", but rendered as how that character might be like in the CW Arrowverse.)

Face Claim: Lia Marie Johnson

Likes: Using her powers, fighting, playing video games, watching TV, jokes, partying, smoking, drinking, lying, stealing, manipulating people's emotions, breaking hearts, watching things die, and sexual relationships (particularly with older men like Slade Wilson)

Dislikes: Laws, societal norms, enforced gender roles, superheroes, charity workers, families, cowards, soft-hearted people, sexually repressed people, persistent men, feeling guilty, and losing fights

Sexual Preference: Pansexual

Character Info: Tara Markov is the bastard daughter of the king of Markovia. Because she was the result of an affair with another woman than his wife, the king refused to play any active part in raising the child when she was born, leaving her to her mother to raise alone. However, the mother died of an illness only a few years later, so Tara was brought into the royal court and given to one of her father's closest associates, Dr. Helga Jace, who would become the girl's caretaker.

Partway into Tara's adolescence, Dr. Jace, who was currently collaborating with unknown military sponsors, took both her and her half-brother, the crown prince Brion Markov (with whom Tara had only occasionally any interaction), to be used in experiments that granted super powers to control and manipulate all forms of earthen matter. But the procedures done for Tara were different from those done for Brion, for Dr. Jace feared Tara not being pure royal blood would make the granting and harnessing of her powers more difficult and so Tara was continuously medicated with a serum that calmed her nerves but had a negative impact on her mind. Eventually both Brion and Tara gained their earth moving powers and when their father learned of this, he feared that Tara sharing powers with his legitimate heir would create a scandal and expose the truth of her parentage, so he ordered for Tara to be sent overseas to North America.

Tara spent the rest of her adolescence years on her own, always searching for a family but never able to keep one due to her irresponsible use of her powers causing property damage for her foster family homes. It was because of this that Tara grew to resent the very idea of love and familial units, determining that hatred came easier to her and she wanted to lash back at a world that had been failing her for all her life. In her preteen years, Tara adopted the name "Terra" and, believing that it was better to be revered by others than loved, decided to do great deeds with her powers in order to gain the reverence and acceptance of the powerless masses. However her nerves acting up caused her powers to backfire and her display only made the people of the town she was currently living in fear her and think of her as a demon child. A group of vigilantes hunted Terra down and had her powers neutralized before attempting to kill her, but her life was saved by a man named Slade Wilson, who killed all the vigilantes. Slade then sold Terra to a mercenary guild where she learned to use her powers to kill people and do other immoral things for the benefit of herself and her contractors, and after only a little while she came to enjoy the feeling of subjugating and dominating other people with the use of her powers, and looked for every possible situation where she could make someone suffer in any way she could manage.

As a teenager, Terra drifted a bit away from her mercenary job in favor of leading a hedonistic lifestyle, seeking thrills, pleasure, and stability in her otherwise unstable existence. She liked being free to do whatever she wanted and using her powers to cause trouble for others around her. However, Slade Wilson soon reappeared in her life and this time he'd specifically sought her out in order to recruit her for a plan he was working on - his son Grant had died while trying to capture the young superhero group, the Teen Titans, as part of a contract he took from the H.I.V.E terrorist group, a contract previously offered to Slade that he'd turned down. To honor his son's memory and take vengeance on the Titans for their part in his death, Slade took up the contract as a promise to fulfill the job Grant had been hired to do and receive the payment that Grant had been offered. Slade's diabolical plan was to arrange a meeting between the Titans and Terra, have Terra win the Titans' trust, and then Terra could infiltrate the team, report all their secrets back to Slade, and eventually assist Slade in capturing them all to deliver to the H.I.V.E, who would have them all killed. What really sold Terra on this plan was that Slade offered to get romantically and sexually involved with her should she do a good enough job for him. So Terra followed the plan exactly and became a Teen Titan for a while before she betrayed the team, actively assisting Slade in hunting them down when they managed to resist capture. Unfortunately for Terra and Slade, the intervention of a new ally for the Titans derailed their plans and they were forced to make a hasty retreat. Terra is currently waiting to hear back from Slade for when they can strike back at the Titans and complete the "Judas Contract".

Tara Markov is certifiably insane. The medication poisoning her mind, the weight of her powers, and her terrible childhood experiences have caused her to develop an Antisocial Personality Disorder that she disguises with an apparent desire to socialize with others and have fun with them. On the surface, Tara seems like a bright, laid back, fun-loving, funny, charming, vivacious, gregarious, and well meaning young girl, albeit one who often rudely mouths off at others, is fond of sarcastic quips, and seems more than a little awkward and unbalanced. On the inside, she's an embittered, violent tempered, hateful, deceptive, apathetic and sadistic person who relishes any and all opportunities to make people suffer from her actions. She enjoys forging relationships with others not out of love or any desire for closer human connections, but because she views bonds and socialization as a game where it's fun to play with the feelings of those she's gotten close to, jerk them around emotionally and mentally, and see how long these affairs last before she inevitably betrays them and leaves them worse off for having known her. As a result of how she's been treated by most people and thanks to her immense powers, she's internalized the belief that the world's non-powered population owes her kind awe and reverence for being superior people, and she hates seeing super-powered people who use their gifts to serve the needs of the powerless rather than using them for themselves at the powerless' expense. She is very hedonistic and gluttonous in her ways, proclaiming to enjoy her life to the fullest, but she harbors envy and resentment of anyone who live in better conditions that her, and those are the people she wants to destroy the most. And because her father was barely in her life, Tara feels a special attraction towards older male parental figures in her life, an attraction that far exceeds familial love and manifests itself as a perverse sexual lust. This is the reason she threw herself at Slade, whom she neither recognizes nor cares is sexually abusing her and exploiting both her powers and her mentality in order to gain him what will best service him and his goals, not truly caring about her as a person whatsoever.

Despite all these vices and unsavory qualities, Tara is not a wholly villainous person. While she's put off of familial bonds, she does still love and care about her brother Brion, and harbors the secret desire to have a family unit that can fully understand her and with whom she'd get along. Sometimes she finds individuals towards whom she can't help but feel at least a slight bit empathetic and when that happens she takes it upon herself to stick her neck out for that person when they're in need and not hurt them too badly. In fact, if someone rolls with her definition of fun and has fun with her, Terra will be the friendliest person in the world to that someone! On occasions she gets bored with being the villain she normally is and uses her powers to do some good for a change, though she tends to keep those incidents isolated and a secret. And as much as she hates it, she harbors a hidden guilt over her attitude towards and treatment of powerless people, as deep down she'd truly never wanted to be such a bully towards those weaker than her, despite the pleasure she takes at relieving her own misery by bringing misery to them. So if a weaker individual's suffering seems too great to Tara, regardless of whether or not she had any hand it it, you can expect her to act against her usual character and do something to ease that person's pain. Overall Tara Markov just wants a sense of stability, control, and validation in her life, and is often confused about what path she wants to take in order to achieve any of that. She's dangerous but also pitiable, and who knows? There might yet be a shining diamond hidden beneath all of that filth.



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